Astera Titan Tube: A Comprehensive Review and Overview of the Revolutionary LED Tube

August 16, 2023
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Astera Titan Tube: A Comprehensive Review and Overview of the Revolutionary LED Tube

The ever-evolving world of film and photography has experienced yet another breathtaking leap in lighting technology with the introduction of the Astera Titan Tube. This revolutionary LED tube is rapidly becoming a favourite among professional filmmakers, photographers, and light artists, offering unmatched illumination options for sets, events, and installations.

Astera, a well-known industry leader in wireless LED technology, has a reputation for creating products with clever design, robust build quality, and high-performance features. The Astera Titan Tube is no exception. With its sleek, portable design, easy setup and control options, and the ability to produce an astounding array of colours, this LED tube promises to become an essential tool in every content creator's arsenal.

While traditional LED tubes have their limitations, the Astera Titan Tube challenges these boundaries with an array of cutting-edge functionalities. The Titan Tube boasts impressive battery life, 16 pixels for controllable effects and gradients, and wireless DMX control via the Astera App. Plus, its full-range RGB output, coupled with its ability to be mounted virtually anywhere, makes the Titan Tube an incredibly versatile and indispensable piece of gear for filmmakers, photographers, and light artists.

One standout feature of the Astera Titan Tube is its ease of use, as both amateur and experienced users can utilise the tube to create stunning outcomes. The Astera App serves as a powerful command centre, allowing users to manipulate several aspects of the Titan Tube's performance, such as brightness, colour, and complex programmable lighting effects. And with the option to sync multiple tubes for even more intricate light designs, the possibilities are truly endless.

In our review and overview of the Astera Titan Tube, we will address every aspect of this groundbreaking product, including its construction, specifications, and features. We will provide insights into the tube's various applications and offer guidance to help you make the most out of your investment in this game-changing technology. 

So, whether you are considering adding the Astera Titan Tube to your gear or simply want to stay updated on the latest advancements in the world of lighting, read on to learn everything there is to know about the Astera Titan Tube.

Astera Titan Tube: Unravelling the Features and Capabilities

Impressive Battery Life

One of the main challenges of working with lighting equipment is the constant need for power connections and a myriad of cables. The Astera Titan Tube addresses this issue by incorporating a robust, built-in battery that lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge. 

This battery life is immensely helpful in reducing the clutter typically found on sets and making the process of setup and adjustments significantly smoother. And, the Titan Tube allows for an adjustable standby mode, which means it remains ready to spring into action whenever needed.

Unrivalled Colour Performance

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Astera Titan Tube is its remarkable full-spectrum RGB colour output. Paint your sets with a rich palette of over 16.7 million colours, enabling subtle moods, dramatic effects or anything in between. 

The Titan Tube also boasts 2500K-10000K colour temperatures and a high colour rendering index (CRI) of 96, which ensures faithful reproduction of colours and skin tones. The combination of these features guarantees that the Titan Tube exceeds expectations, delivering striking visuals and accurate colours every time.

A True Wireless Lighting Experience

What sets the Astera Titan Tube apart from its competitors is not just the tube's performance, but the ease with which filmmakers and photographers can control it. With the Astera App, users can harness the full functionality of the Astera Titan Tube from the palm of their hands. 

The app provides a comprehensive interface that controls brightness, hue, and saturation, while allowing for customisable lighting effects such as fades, strobes, and sirens. Furthermore, when using multiple Titan Tubes, the app also synchronises them to create complex choreographed light designs seamlessly.

Flexible Mounting Solutions for Any Setup

Another aspect that makes the Astera Titan Tube an invaluable resource for filmmakers, photographers, and light artists is its versatile mounting options. The Titan Tube comes with a set of magnetic mounts, enabling it to be securely affixed to any metal surface with ease. 

In addition, a wide selection of compatible clamps and accessories are available to cater to different setup requirements. This adaptability allows users the freedom to position their light source wherever needed, enabling countless creative possibilities without being hindered by restrictive mounting constraints.

Astera Titan Tube: Exploring Real-World Applications

Filmmaking and Photography

The Astera Titan Tube's exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use have made it a popular choice for filmmakers and photographers. Its compactness and wireless control mean that it can be used in tight spaces where traditional lighting equipment might struggle, while its colour and lighting effects provide infinite possibilities for storytelling or atmospheric enhancement. For photographers, the tube's powerful light output and accurate colour rendering make it perfect for creating dramatically lit portraits, product shots, or even as a unique and eye-catching backdrop.

Event and Architectural Lighting

Beyond the realms of film and photography, the Astera Titan Tube is well-suited for event and architectural lighting applications. With its outstanding colour capabilities and programmable effects, the Titan Tube adds vibrancy and dynamism to weddings, concerts, and corporate events. 

Additionally, the Titan Tube's magnetic mounting system ensures that it can be easily installed in a wide range of locations, indoors and outdoors alike, making it an ideal option for highlighting architectural features or creating striking visual installations.

Art and Light Installations

Finally, the Astera Titan Tube has found a place in the world of art and light installation design. With its countless colour options, wireless control, and ability to synchronise multiple tubes, light artists and designers can use the Titan Tube to create mesmerising and innovative installations that captivate audiences. 

The Titan Tube empowers artists to experiment with light as a creative medium, utilising the tube's features to develop interactive displays or simply evoke an emotional response from viewers.


Overall, the Astera Titan Tube is a groundbreaking piece of technology that has raised the bar for lighting design across various disciplines. With its unparalleled performance, flexibility, and ease of use, the tube is set to become an indispensable tool for filmmakers, photographers, and professionals working in the event or art industries. 

Whether you're a seasoned creative or just starting out, the Astera Titan Tube offers the potential to transform your work and redefine the way you use light in your productions. So, dive in and explore the limitless possibilities waiting to be discovered with the Astera Titan Tube! If you’re in search of the best camera and lighting equipment for hire in London, be sure to get in touch with us at Sugarland!

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