Alexander McQueen Spring 2023

About The Project

On a sparkling October day in London, a drone was hovering over the splendid Greenwich Naval College, recording the goings-on in a transparent bubble that had landed in the middle of Sir Christopher Wren’s 17th century landmark. It seemed a symbolic irony that the mechanical eye-in-the-sky—a standard device these days for recording fashion spectacles—must have been surveilling the focus of Sarah Burton’s collection hundreds of feet below. The human eye.

Equipment Supplied

  • 6 x Sony FX9 Cameras
  • 2 x Sony FX6 Cameras
  • 2 x Sony FX3 Cameras
  • 4 x Fujinon Cabrio Lenses
  • 4 x Fujinon PreMista Lenses
  • 2 x Sony G Master Lenses
  • Video Village

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