Feng Chen Wang Spring 2022

About The Project

Feng Chen Wang has been experiencing a series of lucid nightmares. They are populated by wild, fantastical beasts. In addition to the phoenix to which she is so closely drawn there are also, she said down a Zoom, dragons and monkeys and others: hybrid animals haunting a forest in her subconscious. Every day she has been waking up with those nightmares near-perfectly remembered, episodes in a series she cannot choose not to watch. The ongoing theme of those episodes? “You want to get there, but you can never get there. Everything you do does not matter.”

Equipment Supplied

  • 3 x Sony FX9 Cameras
  • 2 x Sony A7S III Cameras
  • 2 x Canon CN7 Lenses
  • 2 x Canon CN10 Lenses
  • Video Village

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